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20th February 2018 - Giant Maths Day!

A giant has been in the school hall and left two giant footprints! CSI Willows Class are on the case.

The mysterious footprints!
We discussed what to investigate.

We decided to measure our foot length and height and find the ratio between the two. We found the ratio ranged from 1:5 to 1:8.

Ordered by ratio-1:5 on the left, 1:8 on the right

We measured the giant's foot length. It is 145cm. The mode (most common) ratio of foot length to height in our class is 1:6. Using this, we conclude the giant's probable height is 6 x 145cm = 8.7m. You can see us lined up between two cones which are 8.7m apart.

Mr Chamberlain provides some scale.
Writing up our findings.