Blenheim Park Academy - Welcome to our website! - On Sunday October 31st we celebrate Halloween and the clocks go foward 1 hour at 2.00am - Thursday November 4th is Diwali - Friday November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day - Sunday November 14th is Remembrance Sunday
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Message from KLFM

Message from KLFM...
Hi All!
Thank you so much for taking part in this year’s Sleeps Til Santa!
With Sunday being the 1st of December the videos and audio will begin being released.
This is a quick email to let you all know when your school will be featured.
On weekdays the audio will play on air on the breakfast show around 8:30, and then again on the big drive home around 3:30
Over the weekend the audio will play on weekend breakfast around 10:30
Every day the videos will be out on our Facebook pages at 8:32, I’ve pasted links for those pages below.
For a full list of which day each school goes out head here:
I know some schools are planning to have KLFM playing out in the playground on the morning and afternoon of their day. This is fantastic!
You can get KLFM on any smart phone through our free app, just Search KLFM on your app store. By hooking your phone up to a speaker you should be able to get us loud in the playground.
If you plan on showing the children their video they will be up on Facebook after 8:32, and aren’t taken down.
Please let the parents know when they will be played via a letter or text, ideally the day before the school is on air or if you’re after the 18th on the last day.
KLFM facebook:
KLFM Christmas Facebook:
All the best
Ben Norris
Senior Content Producer
Drivetime Presenter