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Re. Increasing data allowances on mobile devices to support disadvantaged children

Following the announcement of the latest lockdown, the government has launched a scheme to temporarily increase data allowances for mobile phone users on certain networks. This is to help families whose children are having difficulty accessing remote online teaching and learning.


You may be able to get help if you do not have fixed broadband at home or cannot afford additional data for your devices. Unfortunately, the scheme only applies to the following networks:

  • Three
  • Smarty
  • Virgin Mobile
  • EE
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Sky Mobile


We have been told other network providers may join the scheme at a later stage.


If you think you would benefit from this scheme and that you qualify, you will need to apply through the school. The Department for Education will not accept requests from individual parents or carers.

To apply on your behalf, please email the school office with

  • the name of the account holder
  • the number of the mobile device
  • the mobile network of that device (for example Three)


Once we have submitted this information on your behalf, we will not receive updates on the progress of your request. You will be contacted by your network provider directly. Each provider will vary in how quickly they process requests. Once a network provider has processed a data increase, they’ll send a text message to the account holder.